Sunday, February 16, 2014

Math Problems That Stand a Chance of Motivating My Kid

Cinna, Fred Weasley, Primrose Everdeen, and Rue are depending on you! Finish the story problems in a timely manner, with minimal fussing, and you can avert their tragic deaths. Go!

  1. The arena has a 5-foot-wide river of flesh-eating acid, but if you make it to the end, you know you will find a big bowl of lamb stew. You are literally, and by literally, I mean literally, starving. If the area of the river is 1,036 square feet, how many feet must you travel to get to the stew?
  2. Lawrence had 146 cherries. He used them to bake 5 pies. Assuming he used the same number of cherries for each pie, how many will each pie have? He will give any remaining cherries to his hungry pet dove, Neville. How many cherries will Neville get?
  3. The parking lot at the Bruno Mars concert has 5 identical rows of parking spaces. If there are a total of 615 spaces, how many rows are there?
  4. Cam baked Lily's class of 25 students each one gluten-free, anise macaron. If each batch yields 5 cookies, how many batches did Cam bake?
  5. Students worked in teams to write letters of complaint to the mainstream media. The team most concerned with ablism wrote 3 letters. The team most concerned with adultism wrote 8 times as many. How many letters did the team most concerned with adultism write?
  6. The Hunger Games begin at 8:30, and the first tribute dies at 10:15. How many minutes passed between the games beginning and the first tribute dying?
  7. If Cato starts running from Thresh at 11:15, and runs for 3 hours, 20 minutes before Thresh slaughters him, what time does Cato die?
  8. The arena has a path that looks safe, but burns up the children's feet on contact. Three tributes are mutilated before the other 15 figure out they should avoid it. How many children died before any of this happened? If it one of the injured takes six hours to die, one 8 hours and 20 minutes, and one 13 hours, what is the mean amount of time between injury and death? 
  9. Bill Weasley will require a total of 11 surgeries to recover from his werewolf attack. The surgeries must be spaced three weeks apart. How many weeks until Bill does not need any more medical intervention?
  10. French film director Alice Guy-Blaché donated 8 boxes of film to a collective of struggling young feminist directors. 5 boxes contained 12 reels each. The rest contained 24 reels each. How many reels did Alice Guy-Blaché donate in all?
  11. Katniss must convince 15 members of President Snow's cabinet that she is madly in love with Peeta. She has already convinced 10. What percentage of cabinet members remain unconvinced?
  12. 2 vats of poisoned gas cost the game makers the same. If one vat contains 900 mL and the other contains 1L, which is the better buy?
  13. Sylvia has received an $18,000 advance on her novel. It is due in 52 weeks and will take her 1,267 hours to complete. How many hours a week must she work on her novel in order to meet her deadline? She has already spent her advance.
  14. Professor Umbridge makes Harry stay after school and carve words into his own hand for three hours every afternoon. He spends a total of 28 hours carving up his hand. How many days did this take? 
*Bonus question: This test contains at least one major literary inconsistency. Can you guess what it is? Do you see more than one?